2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

Charting the course for positive impact

At AVENIR GLOBAL, we like to think of our Corporate Responsibility Policy as a compass that guides our actions and engagements.

This compass provides direction, not a predetermined path, enabling our eight operating brands, spread across 23 cities in eight countries, to carve out their own journeys toward making a meaningful difference.  

“Charting the course,” the theme of this year’s Corporate Responsibility Report, represents how we lean on our deep-rooted values—forged over 47 years—to navigate the social and environmental challenges we face in diverse markets around the globe, leveraging our collective strength for the greater good.  

Whether it’s championing for diversity and inclusion, reducing our environmental footprint, or volunteering for meaningful causes, our brands are encouraged to partake in actions and engagements that resonate with local needs, cultures, and values—a localized approach to creating a global impact.   

The richness of perspectives and experiences within our network deepens our understanding of society. It creates opportunities to learn from each other and further enhances our corporate culture. This is why we prioritize the wellbeing of our people through a variety of recognition and training programs, fostering a fertile environment in which they can grow and thrive.   

This report is a deep dive into the culture of our Firm. The achievements shared within these pages reflect how our teams, with diverse voices and a unified spirit, apply our shared principles in innovative ways to positively impact our communities.   

Follow the guide!  

Valérie Beauregard  
Executive Vice-President, AVENIR GLOBAL  

Valérie Beauregard


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