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We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our Firm, our industry, and society. We work together with all our brands to help educate, empower, and celebrate people across our network. We know that collectively, our unique experiences give us greater insight into the world around us. When our curiosity is fueled and our voices are heard, we are all inspired to do greater thinking.

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Around the Network

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The Language Finder: Bridging communication

AVENIR GLOBAL introduced the Language Finder, an innovative tool enabling staff to easily identify colleagues who speak various languages across the Firm. This resource proves invaluable for employees in need of assistance with reviewing or translating content, offering a straightforward way to connect with a multilingual colleague. The Language Finder not only streamlines internal communication but also celebrates the rich diversity within the AVENIR GLOBAL network. As part of their integration, all new joiners are encouraged to register their languages in the app, further enriching our diversity of perspectives. To this day, the tool lists about forty languages spoken by the members of our teams.

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Expressing social, racial, and cultural identities

Conversations about racism, equity, and social justice are growing in significance worldwide as we strive for deeper understanding and stronger advocacy. To aid in these discussions, AVENIR GLOBAL has introduced a D&I communication guide. Initially developed by Padilla and later refined by the AVENIR GLOBAL D&I council, this resource is tailored to assist our team in grasping and uniformly applying correct terminology when talking about social, racial, and cultural identities.  

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A dialogue on men’s mental health  

A significant testament of AXON’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in 2023 was the Movember webinar, hosted in partnership with Hobbs Consultancy and AXON’s wellbeing team. The session provided insights into critical aspects of men’s mental health and the agenda was intentionally designed to encourage open dialogue. Three team members from AXON’s London and Toronto offices shared their personal stories, giving a tangible understanding of men’s mental health issues, the specific challenges men encounter in the workplace, and ways in which colleagues can provide mutual support. The webinar struck a chord with AXON staff, playing a pivotal role in nurturing a culture of empathy and solidarity.  

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A week of wellness

From May 15 to 19, the United Kingdom observed Mental Health Awareness Week, and Cherry curated a variety of activities to mark the occasion, inviting other London-based AVENIR GLOBAL brands to join. The program began with Mindfulness Monday, which included a session of desk-based mindfulness exercises, a restorative yoga class at the town hall, and a creative art workshop during lunch, led by Cherry’s studio manager. Employees also had the opportunity to enjoy soothing in-office massages. These activities aimed to promote an inclusive culture within the London brands and to emphasize the importance of mental health awareness by encouraging mindfulness and self-care practices, both at work and at home.  


Guiding tomorrow’s PR leaders

Charles Lewington, Executive Chairman at Hanover, led a masterclass for the 2023 cohort of Patchwork UK—an organization that supports young people from minority backgrounds in becoming actively involved in British democracy and civil society. During the session, Lewington recounted his professional journey and provided a window into the world of PR and communications, intending to motivate the Patchworkers to explore and potentially carve out their own paths within the public relations sector.  

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A successful survey to shape strategy 

Madano’s D&I committee conducted an all-staff survey to gauge perceptions regarding diversity and inclusion, aiming to tailor the brand’s initiatives more effectively. The initiative garnered an outstanding 94% participation rate. The findings highlighted the most popular initiatives, with participants acknowledging their utility and educational value. A significant 84% of the survey’s respondents agreed that Madano is committed to fostering D&I in the workplace and said they felt comfortable expressing their identity at work. These insights were shared during a quarterly meeting and helped shape the D&I committee’s agenda for 2024—with a focus on rerunning popular activities and hosting in-office events featuring guest speakers.  

Second Harvest Heartland volunteers

Packing a punch  

Padilla’s Diversity + Inclusion Day of Service (DIDS) encourages employees to engage with the community by granting them a day off each year to support causes that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2023, the Padilla team devoted their time to an array of nonprofits, assisted voters on election day, and lent strategic advice to burgeoning, diverse enterprises. Some staff members chose to spend a day with Second Harvest Heartland, a food bank that combats hunger by sorting and repackaging food for distribution to hunger relief programs throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. The Padilla volunteers made a significant impact: by the end of their shift, they had efficiently packed a remarkable 16,480 meals, amounting to 374 meals per volunteer.  

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Summer of Pride 

Throughout the summer, from June to August, NATIONAL rolled out an array of initiatives to celebrate Pride across Canada. The Firm hosted webinars and panel discussions focusing on genuine allyship within organizations, fostering meaningful community ties, and crafting narratives that accurately represent 2SLGBTQIA+ experiences. To symbolize its commitment, NATIONAL introduced an emblem: a “PLUS” sign paired with the slogan “Safety + Inclusivity.” This symbol was transformed into a suite of materials, including videoconference backdrops, social media graphics, and a purchasable pin, with proceeds supporting local 2SLGBTQIA+ groups. These funds complemented the Firm’s financial contributions, all aimed at uplifting 2SLGBTQIA+ causes.  

Puppy Therapy at Hanover

A furry wellness boost 

In observance of World Mental Health Day, AVENIR GLOBAL’s London brands partnered with Paws in Work—the U.K.’s first licensed puppy therapy provider—to promote mental wellness. Studies have shown that interactions with animals can have positive effects on mental health. Employees had the opportunity to participate in small group sessions, connecting with the puppies and gaining insights into their world. Such events are equally beneficial to the puppies, aiding in their crucial socialization and providing valuable playful interactions. The initiative received universally glowing feedback, infusing a sense of joy into the day for all who took part.