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We encourage employees to undertake pro bono work—the donation of communications counsel and services—for not-for-profit organizations on behalf of the Firm. We also make financial contributions to not-for-profit organizations in communities where we operate and encourage employees to make financial contributions. We recognize employees for their pro bono work by incorporating this aspect into annual performance evaluations.

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A group of volunteers cleaning up outdoors

Volunteering days across AVENIR GLOBAL

In 2023, AVENIR GLOBAL introduced a new initiative that empowers Canadian staff to engage more deeply with their communities. Each employee is now entitled to one paid day off annually to dedicate to volunteering at a charitable organization of their choice. This program underscores AVENIR GLOBAL’s belief in the importance of civic duty and reflects our commitment to encouraging individual contributions from our team members to build a better world. With the implementation of this program at our Canadian operations, all AVENIR GLOBAL brands now offer volunteering days as part of their company policies. 

AXON 20 days of giving

20 days of giving for AXON’s 20th anniversary 

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, AXON made donations to 20 charities over the 20 days leading up to the festive holidays. Charities were selected for the meaningful work they accomplish in assisting individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Throughout this period, AXON contributed a total of £900 across organizations dedicated to mental health, sexual and reproductive rights, food and shelter provision, and support for various communities, including 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals and people with cancer. The initiative was extended to AXON clients, who were encouraged to donate to these worthy causes. The beneficiary organizations included: Shelter, The Manna Society, Mental Fight Club, Twelve, Blackfriars Settlement, Beyond Food, Na-Me-Res, The Salmon Youth Centre, Second Harvest, Street Health, The 519, The Shoebox Project, Hus Forbi, Mødrehjælpen, Sex & Samfund, and Susan G. Komen.  

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Sparking futures in Southwark 

In 2023, Cherry embarked on a new initiative—the Next Generation Project. Stemming from research showing that young people who have four or more meaningful encounters with an employer are 86% less likely to be unemployed and can earn up to 22% more during their career, the NextGen program aims to connect students from Southwark—one of London’s most deprived boroughs, facing high levels of social inequality—with career opportunities. A group of 40 carefully selected students was invited to experience a day in the life of a creative agency at the Cherry office in London. The students rotated through five classes, including a creative/studio class, a copy class, a digital class, an account handling class, and a CV seminar. The day was deemed a success, with students expressing that it had clarified their expectations of working at a company and igniting interest in careers they had never previously considered. 

AGE UK banner and young people group shot

Two days of giving at Age UK 

In 2023, Hanover’s London team dedicated two days to volunteering at Age UK, an organization that annually provides support, companionship, and advice to millions of seniors. Their efforts were divided between two centres. The first catered to more active seniors, offering a program of activities designed to encourage movement, foster new friendships, and enhance the enjoyment of a later life. The second was tailored to individuals requiring greater support, with carers on hand to assist with daily activities like arts and crafts, singing, and exercise sessions. The Hanover volunteers engaged in a range of these programs, including bingo, exercise classes, gardening, and nail painting. Both days proved rewarding and enjoyable for everyone involved, and the team looks forward to repeating the experience in the future. 

Person in a canoe

Paddling for a cleaner canal 

Madano’s London offices boast a stunning view of the River Thames. However, the reality is much murkier beneath the surface. According to the EU Water Framework Directive, only one of London’s 41 river water bodies is classified as “good.” Eager to make a difference, Madano organized a floating litter pick-up along Regent’s Canal in partnership with Moo Canoes. This initiative brought employees outside to positively impact the local environment. The canal is home to diverse wildlife, and litter poses severe risks like entanglement or ingestion, which can be fatal and harm biodiversity. Equipped with bin bags and litter picker sticks, a group of 16 Madano employees spent two hours in canoes, cleaning the waterway and its banks in an enjoyable and united effort. 

Moose Hide Campaign logo

Amplifying the Moose Hide Campaign 

For the past three years, NATIONAL has supported the Moose Hide Campaign, an Indigenous-led grassroots movement committed to reconciliation and putting an end to gender-based violence through meaningful conversations, education, and action. Leading up to the campaign’s pivotal day on May 11, NATIONAL’s teams in Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax have played a key role in amplifying awareness of this crucial cause. Additionally, on September 30—National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada—NATIONAL mobilized 20 volunteer participants from its offices across the country to engage in a brainstorming session with the Moose Hide team. The goal was to explore corporate sponsorship opportunities, novel storytelling perspectives, and innovative ideas to ignite the campaign’s new four-year strategic direction. 

Moose Hide Campaign logo

Reviving the Valentine’s online brand 

More than just a history museum, the Valentine in Richmond, Virginia, serves as a catalyst for critical conversations, a facilitator of cultural understanding, and a champion of education at every age. Energized by a fresh strategic plan, the Valentine seized its 125th anniversary to overhaul its online brand. In collaboration with Padilla, the museum unveiled an aesthetically refined and user-friendly website at thevalentine.org. The updated site features prominent calls-to-action and a stunning visualization of new navigation items to inspire users—from first-time guests to dedicated scholars—to explore, engage with, and learn from its resources. 

San Francisco Giants game group shot

Home run results for the GCF 

The Giants Community Fund (GCF), the charitable arm of San Francisco’s Major League Baseball team, has touched the lives of more than 400,000 youths in the region. Wanting to make an even greater impact, the organization engaged SHIFT Communications to raise awareness among youths, parents, and donors. In just two months, SHIFT secured 45 news stories highlighting how the GCF uses baseball and softball to help children gain essential life skills and become positive forces in their communities. In addition to creating media moments around key initiatives such as Glove Drive and Stretch Drive fundraisers, SHIFT launched the charity’s first-ever ambassador program featuring college athletes, as well as social ad campaigns to extend reach. The program achieved home run results, shining a light on GCF’s efforts, and raising its visibility.  

Time & Space group shot

Warming hearts with Shelter Nova Scotia 

As Canada faces an ongoing cost-of-living crisis, Time & Space has prioritized support for Shelter Nova Scotia (Shelter NS) during the holiday season. Shelter NS is a nonprofit organization offering housing and community assistance to those in need within the province. Time & Space bolstered Shelter NS through financial support initiatives, marking the team’s third consecutive year of contribution to this charity’s important mission to secure safe nights of sleep for those facing homelessness.